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TikTok is taking the world by storm and it’s because of 2 things:

  1. In 2020, TikTok surpassed Facebook as the most downloaded social media app of all time.
  2. In 2021, TikTok surpassed big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple as the #1 most popular domain.

These are not easy feats and just proves that TikTok is a force to be reckoned with.

As a marketer or business owner, your job is to be on platforms that your audience is on and utilize them for your business.

Right now, with about 1 billion users worldwide, chances are your customers are using TikTok or will very soon start using TikTok.

Many people are describing it as the new Facebook.

The big question is this: 

How can you use this amazing social media platform as a marketing channel for your business?

Most older people and business owners see TikTok as a platform for kids for pranks and dance videos BUT it is so much more than that.

By the end of this article, you will see how Tiktok can work for your business and how you can start to use it effectively. 

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room.

TikTok Vs Instagram Reels

TikTok is a creative and trend-driven social media platform for creating, sharing, and watching exciting short videos.

The maximum video length allowed on the platform is 5 minutes. 

It is now the fastest growing social media platform around.

It is a great platform for both independent content creators, and brands to promote their work, products, personalities, and ideas in creative ways to a global audience.

Instagram reel (Reels for short) is a feature available on Instagram, released a short while after TikTok started to gain mainstream popularity. 

Side note: Instagram is the second fastest growing network in the world.

Reels allows a user to create videos while adding music, filters and transitions, resulting in short and entertaining content.

In many ways, it is not like TikTok, but an actual replica of TikTok.

In reality, Reels and TikTok share many similarities in format. But there are some key differences you should also know about.

In-app Video Editing Features

One major difference that users have pointed out is in-app editing video capabilities. TikTok tends to offer more editing options and the ability to rearrange clips to build a finished video.

With TikTok you can also add voice-over effects, an option Reels doesn’t offer. Voiceover videos have turned out to be a prevalent style of storytelling for businesses on TikTok.

So while with Instagram Reels, you may need to use third party tools, TikTok brings all you need within the platform.


Video Effects

TikTok trends often arise from specific video effects, like filters. And TikTok does an excellent job of letting you customize the video effect you want.

The Reels does offer filters, but unfortunately, filters and effects are not separated on Reels, which means you can either use filter or effect and not both.

Meaning,  your finished video may look less versatile than your usual TikTok videos.


Captions and Comment Character Limits

Reels have a caption character limit of 2,200. TikTok’s caption limit is 100 characters.

That’s fewer words to get your message across, so Your TikTok videos must carry the weight of selling the point.

That’s not a bad thing; it requires a different approach. Much like using Twitter vs. LinkedIn, similar approaches, but Twitter requires brevity due to its short character limit.

Bottomline, bth are really similar and it causes people to ask”Do I need TikTok if I use Instagram Reels?”

The short answer is yes!

TikTok is a platform all on its own with a vibrant and engaged audience and while it’s still on the rise, you want your business to take advantage of the visibility it can provide before your competition does.

What Are the Benefits of TikTok For Business?

There are many benefits to using TikTok for your business.

  • TikTok will help you connect and interact with the younger members of your target audience due to its predominant youthful demography.
  • Another benefit of using TikTok is that it is easy for users to interact with your content. TikTok challenges act as an invitation for users to create videos that relate to your brand. This form of user-generated content increases your brand’s credibility and helps you attract customers to your brand.
  • With TikTok advertising, you can create trending content and challenges that other TikTokers take part in. If the challenge is original, fun, and engaging, it will go viral on the platform, generating much-needed publicity for your brand.
  • In-feed ads on TikTok allow you to add links to your videos and drive interested users to your website, App Store or e-commerce website.

Creating Content for TikTok

Now that you know the major difference and similarities between the Instagram reels and TikTok, and how beneficial TikTok can be,  the next question to tackle is:

How do create content that will be interesting and useful to your audience?

One thing you should know is TikTok is a place for authentic entertainment, humour, and fun.

It’s not a formal or professional platform. Rather, it’s a space for users and brands to experiment and follow trends, act silly and playfully show another side of themselves.

To create content that your audience will find exciting, you need to be authentic.


1. Take part in hashtag challenges or trending dances and songs.

If there’s a trend in your niche about having a productive morning routine, show your own.

Your unique brand story and personality will differentiate you from others in the same category.

However, it’s important to note that you should just jump on every trend. Pick and choose what will be most aligned with your brand.

2. Look at what’s already successful on the app and put your spin on it.

There are a lot of successful content creators on TikTok. Look at what they are doing and get inspiration from them. 

3. Engage with Potential & Existing Customers 

When you see that customers are excited and already talking about your brand, it’s easy to reach out and get high-energy content that drives ROI and awareness.

Interacting with users/customers of content helps build customer loyalty because they now feel as though they are part of the brand.

4. Keep your content short and to the point

TikTok allows videos t be up to 5 minutes BUT studies show that the optimal TikTok length is 16 seconds.

However, think about the content you want to share and the best time it’ll take you to get your message across. We advice that you try to keep your videos under 1 minute.

Another way to get loads of people to know about your brand on TikTok is via the use of TikTok influencers.

5. Quality over Quantity

Like with every social media platform, focus on quality over quantity. Don’t just put content up just for the sake of having content on TikTok. Make sure that what you share is valuable, relevant to tour Target audience and in line with your overall strategy

Working With Tiktok Influencers

Working with influencers can be rewarding to your brand especially if you can find one that aligns with your brand goals and orientation.

Influencers represent the company and its brand, so it pays to be extremely careful when choosing an influencer for your business because choosing the wrong influencer can have a bad impact on the brand and business as a whole.

Below are a few actions to take before deciding to work with an influencer.

  • Investigate the influencer’s background and online presence to identify any past indiscretions, scandals, criminal activity, or organizational affiliations that might conflict with the company’s image or damage the influencer’s credibility.
  • Review publicly posted material by or about the influencer to ensure their values and persona are consistent and align with the company’s brand profile.
  • Ask if the influencer has any other third-party endorsement deals that may conflict or compete with their work for your company.
  • Research the influencer’s audience to determine their degree of engagement and trust and if it also aligns with your target audience.
  • Make sure the influencer is someone who is known to be a credible and trustworthy individual.


In conclusion, Tiktok is quickly becoming a great avenue for brands to reach new audiences, boost engagement and connect with millions of fans.

 Remember Facebook 10 years ago? And Instagram about 5 years ago?

That’s where TikTok is right now.

You have 2 options:

  • To wait until it becomes more mainstream and everyone is on the platform struggling for views.
  • To take advantage now while it’s still early days.

We know which option we’re taking… how about you?

Got questions about TikTok? Drop it in the comment section below