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Traffic. Backlinks. SEO.

This is what you need to focus on right now in order to be successful online. There are days when you feel like search engine optimization is moving faster than you can digest and you’ll never be able to stay up with modern SEO techniques and the constant changes brought forth by Google. We’ve experienced so many shifts in search that I know you are not alone and many people feel overwhelmed…

If you’ve been running an online business for more than a month, you know that things change quite quickly online!

The #1 rule is that the rules ALWAYS CHANGE!

There’s TWO things people or businesses normally do to try and reach the top of Google.

1) Create amazing content…

2) Build backlinks, and do constant SEO.

However, the very first step you should take when you have Google in your sites – Is to choose the right keywords to begin with. Too many people target the WRONG keywords and then spend “forever” trying to get traffic for the hard work they have already put in. If you identify the RIGHT keywords first, then it is going to be so much easier, and better for you. Did you know that almost 50% of all Google searches are local? Add the fact that 97% of search engines users have used Google to find local information, and it’s easy to see why checking all the boxes for a local SEO strategy is so important if your business is local.

Growing organic website traffic is like trying to walk up the stairs with a basket full of clothing.

Laundry falls out every time you try to put more laundry back in. Your website is the basket, and your traffic is the laundry. The more traffic you restore, the more you lose. This may feel like you can’t keep up enough to maintain growth. You may have a great content calendar planned out and as you publish content, your blog posts rank well on search engine results pages (SERP)…until they don’t. So you post more and more content.

What if there was a way you could keep traffic while refreshing old content and continuously publishing new content? You can stop traffic leaks by using predictive SEO methods. Everyone talks endlessly about traffic. For good reason of course. Because without it, nobody sees your offers!

But there’s one type of traffic that’s coveted. That everyone wants, but so few REALLY know how to get.

That’s the 24/7 automated traffic that comes from SEO.

In a nutshell..

SEO (aka ranking on Google) relies upon 2 main things.

  1. Your content (ie. ‘on-page SEO’) which includes the quality of the content itself, plus all the ‘technical SEO’ which gives a clear signal to Google on what the page is about.
  2. Your authority (ie. ‘off-page SEO) which is primarily about the quality and number of backlinks you have pointing to your site.

For a couple of years , Marketgoo has been working to develop advanced easy-to-use tools that will make SEO as simple and straightforward as possible.

This is perfectly in line with the vision to help SEO experts around the world be more effective.

It cuts down the time it takes to get the necessary insights to make smart decisions.

You get a solid SEO toolkit that will fast-track your website to the top of the search results without breaking your bank.

Put all of your SEO tasks on autopilot with Marketgoo, such as:

  • Pick the best keywords to target in your campaigns, optimize your content, and get 100% accurate daily rankings data in every major search engine across multiple locations.
  • Outrank your competitors by finding out what keywords they use to drive organic and paid traffic and the marketing strategies that work best for them.
  • Check and monitor any site’s backlink profile to set up a powerful link-building strategy. Get rid of all on-page technical issues that are keeping your website from the top of the SERPs.

Plus, digital agencies can get access to a whole range of dedicated tools to successfully manage their work with clients.

Marketgoo’s interface empowers you to get a quick panoramic view of your website’s SEO progress, and every tool’s got informative visuals to help you drive your day-to-day activities.

Do you want to streamline your SEO routine and focus on building the perfect strategy to dominate the SERP?

The tool I’m about to show you will allow you to do things like:

  • Get insight into your competitors’ SEO strategy.
  • Find link building opportunities.
  • Estimate market size and competitiveness.
  • Make decisions about your content marketing strategy.

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