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SteadyContent | Two 1200 Word Blog Posts

Two 1,200-word blog posts created, edited, and posted to your website each month
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The internet is an organized collection of websites, which are a collection of arranged content. So, if content is what makes the internet go 'round, why doesn't every company focus more of their time on it? Because it's a pain to write and post with any sort of regularity. SteadyContent takes the guesswork out of content creation!

From the initial interview to the publishing of content, every single process is handled 100% professionally and intuitively. SteadyContent has two goals:

  1. We want to get to know you and your business well enough that you can trust the content being published is in line with your desires.
  2. Second, we want to make the entire experience more seamless and easy than anything else online.

We'd like you to think of us as your content department. We'll work with you to create brand building, mission nurturing content. We'll fact-check content to make sure you never contradict yourself, and every piece gets delivered as far as directly to your website, with your approval of course.

SteadyContent creates quality, unique, SEO-optimized content posted automatically posted to your blog on your Wordpress website!

Key Selling Points for SteadyContent | 1,200-Word Blog Posts

  • New and relevant content on your website every week, automatically!
  • Easiest way to produce content for your website.
  • Create a consistent schedule of published blog posts for your website.
  • Reduce and eliminate the time you spend creating content for your blog.
  • Grow your web presence. Improve your chances of being found in online searches.
  • Focus on your core business and sales activities instead of writing, optimizing, and posting blog content.

Frequently Asked Questions for SteadyContent | 1,200-Word Blog Posts

Do the writers have knowledge of the my business?
We have a category system that makes sure your content goes to the same writing group each week. Using a single writer opens you up to a single point of failure when producing weekly content. You will complete a business assessment interview that will travel with your content orders. This assures that your intentions and attributes are known to the writers and come through in your content.
Can I work with one specific writer?
We use a customer profile and content templating to help our writers have detailed knowledge of the customer. The writers also have access to previous posts written for the same customer.
What is the process for creating blog posts?
Once we’re engaged as your writer, and it’s easy to get going, you’ll answer a series of quick questions about your business. If you’re looking for industry news type content, you can order it with just a few clicks using our Chrome extension. After we have the needed prep information we’ll prep, write, edit send to you for approval, and deliver your content. Directly to your site if you like. Every decision made is designed to make this process the easiest and fastest way to order content on the internet. From the day you get started, the ease of use and time of delivery will only become better.