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Review Requests

Customer list generated review requests
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Get more reviews for your business and build your reputation online with managed Review Requests

Online reviews are one of the best ways to keep track of customer experiences and impressions. But even if a business has a good relationship with its customers, it takes time to build a strong base of online reviews without help.

This service is ideal for businesses who self-generate their own weekly or monthly lists of customer contact information. Working with a marketing strategist, your business can submit lists up to 4 times a month to request reviews through Customer Voice.

Requires active Customer Voice App, sold separately. English only.

Key Selling Points for Review Requests

  • Generate more reviews from your weekly or monthly self-generated lists to build your online reputation and boost your star rating.
  • You can send out bulk emails to request reviews up to 4 times a month.
  • Marketing services will work with you to manage which 3rd party review sites receive positive reviews.
  • Protect your SEO standings and online credibility with the ability to address negative feedback before it goes live.

Frequently Asked Questions for Review Requests

Can I send in customer contact information as it comes in?
Review requests will only be sent out to customers once a week with each new list your client provides.
Why do I need to purchase Customer Voice in order to use this service?
Customer Voice is the platform that enables Review Response and other review-related services.
Can I change the review sites the positive reviews are posted to?
Yes, in fact, we encourage it. During your monthly call with Digital Agency you can work with the agent to strategize and choose which review sites would benefit most from positive reviews.
Can I customize my Review Request emails sent to my customers?
During your onboard with Digital Services, you’ll be able to choose from set email templates or upload your own.
Do I have the choice of which review sites my reviews are posted to?
You can choose between 3rd party review sites like Google and Facebook,.
Is this a stand-alone service or can I use it with others?
The only app needed to use Review Request is Customer Voice. However, Review Request can be used to support other services such as Review Responses, or it can stand on its own.
Why is it important for me to respond to reviews, both positive and negative?
Customers appreciate when they feel their voice is heard, whether the reviews are positive or negative. Responding to a negative review can help your business understand what went wrong and how to fix it.
Why can't I just delete my negative reviews online?
Unfortunately, negative reviews cannot be deleted off of 3rd party sites. However, reviews that violate that site's terms and conditions can be flagged. If the listing site agrees with our request, they will remove the review.