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Convert the visitors of your website and social accounts into LOYAL customers and TRACKABLE sales, AUTOMATICALLY.
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Movylo helps local businesses send personal and engaging messages (like birthday wishes, come back to visit us, bring a friend, write a review an many more) to their customers, to drive them back to the store more often.

All automated by our AutoPilot.

Movylo targets small business owners, and the idea is:

  • You run a local business (restaurant, salon, retail shop, ...) and have little time to dedicate to digital marketing to promote your business. 
  • You're paying an agency to create you a website and promote it with SEO and do social campaigns to find you new customers.
  • What do you need now? To capture all the leads (contact details like emails, phone number) you generate from the contact form of the website, from the WiFi, from social campaigns and nurture them automatically over time, in order to convert them into a flow of real & loyal customers coming into the store. This is what Movylo does.
  • Movylo is a nurturing/customer engagement engine that sends targeted messages to the customers of the business. This converts a list of emails/phone numbers into a flow of real customers coming into the store and it is all automated with Movylo!

Key Selling Points for Movylo

  • Engage with your customers, constantly and effectively, without lifting a finger.
  • Generate more sales and a steady flow of customers through your door.
  • Create loyal customers out of leads, Facebook followers and occasional customers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Movylo

Is it hard to use Movylo and see success?
No, it's a service you can set up in just a few minutes. It requires no extra time.
Do I have to dedicate a lot of time to use Movylo?
No, Movylo mainly runs on Autoilot, so you can select your preferred settings (the bonuses you want to offer to your customers) and then let our engine work for you.
What languages are available?
Movylo is available in English, Spanish and Italian.