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Form Builder

Use dynamic website forms to help generate more online leads
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Form Builder allows you to add, remove, and customize fields to forms on your website. Changes to Form Builder are dynamic and can be done in real-time. Easily collect valuable information on your leads through custom fields and replace simple contact information.

Key Selling Points for Form Builder

  • Collect and maintain advanced information about your customers and their preferences
  • Store every form response, every lead profile, in your CRM to have a seamless understanding of your customer's needs
  • Manage all your website forms in one easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions for Form Builder

What languages are supported?
Currently, the platform is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian and Dutch.
Can responses from Form Builder be received via email?
Yes, Form responses can be sent to one or multiple email addresses.
How does the installation of Form Builder work?
Once the form is customized to your business's needs, it can be added to a website with a simple HTML code, through an iframe or a direct URL within an email.