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Content Marketing| 12 Blog Posts

12 customized 300-400 word blog posts, quickly delivered right to you.
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Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content that is entertaining, informative and helpful to potential customers. Good content directs customers back to your website, where you can capture leads and make the sale. Your business needs fresh, written content to stay at the top of the search engines results pages. There's no better way to do that than with blog posts!

Key Selling Points for Blog Package

  • Achieve greater ROI with unique SEO content
  • Releasing high-quality blogs on a regular basis allows you to establish yourself as thought leaders, which strengthens the brand.
  • Drive more traffic to your site with consistent, unique and custom written content.
  • Often, high-quality content that addresses current or controversial topics is disseminated via social networks. By taking advantage of this trend, a company can increase its prominence and reach.
  • If customers are impressed by the content provided, there is a high probability that they will be willing to leave their contact details – whether out of an interest in the product or simply a desire to get to more content

Frequently Asked Questions for Blog Package

Why Content Marketing?
With digital information now accessible nearly everywhere, consumers are more informed than ever before. The onus is now on businesses to provide quality content to gain their potential customers trust. Businesses that have adopted content marketing are creating educational, entertaining, and valuable content.
What services are included with these blog posts?
Please see the blog specification above. We guarantee that you'll receive all blog content in a timely fashion. All content is unique and written exclusively for you. Our in-house editors will check all content for spelling and grammar. Textbroker is your trusted partner for your content marketing projects.
Who writes the blog post?
We only use US-based authors. Our authors have all been rated and vetted.
How do I know this content is original?
All content is checked for plagiarism two ways. We license Copyscape and we also use an internal tool.
How many blog posts will I receive?
After orders are placed, you will receive a .CSV or Word document with twelve blog posts which you can then publish weekly for three months.
Can you provide a sample of quality?
Yes. Please see blog specification and sample document below.
What criteria do you use to rate authors?
Textbroker rates our authors on each article written. The articles are reviewed and rated based on the rules of standard written American English, and we use AP style. Client instructions also compose a portion of our rating criteria, and each order will be rated according to level of instruction compliance to be determined by the editor. Things like keyword usage, tone, voice, point of view and formatting, as requested by the client, will impact an author rating.
How quickly will the content arrive?
As soon as the customer account is activated and payment has been received, you will receive all blog posts within 14 days.
Can I make a revision request to a blog post after I have received all of the blog content?
You can request a revision within 48 hours after receipt of your content if the topic was incorrect. If there was any confusion on our part, we are happy to revise within 48 hours of receipt.
Can I see how well my blog posts are performing?
If you have analytics in your dashboard to measure traffic, you can see how well your content has performed.
Do you have any success stories?
Please find two case studies above detailing a retailer and career placement company who has realized great success by using Textbroker for all of their content marketing initiatives.
What are your terms of service?
Please find attached above in a file called Terms of Service