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Automated Advertising

Automate your digital advertising efforts with our A.I powered, fully-automated traffic acquisition platform
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An A.I. powered, fully automated traffic acquisition platform connected to Google Search, GDN, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and thousands of premium traffic sources.

Automated Ad Creation:

Your campaign will run on multiple platforms. Each platform will require certain ad formats. "Automated Advertising" automatically creates those ads using the material found on your website and produces professional-grade banners and text ads for you, automatically. This means you never have to worry about hiring a designer to create ads.

Multiple Traffic Sources:

"Automated Advertising" is connected to more than a hundred different traffic sources. Depending on your objective, target locations and website category, Automated Advertising will run your campaign on one or more traffic sources.

Automated Optimization:

Automated Advertising continuously optimizes the campaigns it creates on your behalf 24/7 to ensure you continue to get better quality traffic every day with zero effort from your side.


There is a 3 months commitment at the beginning of the subscription because as for any marketing campaign the optimization and testing should take its time to deliver the best results.


** Please note that after activating the product your campaign will start running within the next 48hr and you will start seeing the report on the "Executive Report" page. 

Key Selling Points for Automated Advertising

  • Dynamic high-quality creatives
  • A.I powered keyword research
  • A.I powered and fully automated campaign optimization
  • Your campaign runs on multiple traffic sources including Google Display, Google Search, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Automated A/B testing of the Ads
  • You only pay for the clicks received, everything above is free

Frequently Asked Questions for Automated Advertising

How does it work?
We only require your website and the list of countries you want to target. The system will analyze your website, identify the best marketing channel(s), and then create ads on those channels on your behalf. It will also continuously optimize the ads it creates. Within 48 hours, you will start getting high-quality traffic. You can monitor the traffic from your Google Analytics under the UTM_source "vtraffic".
How do I activate the product?
1. First, activate the "Automated Advertising" app
2. Fill out the basic form to give us the information about your business, and your contact details.
3. Activate "Automated Advertising: Campaign" Ad-Ons in the Add-ons section of this page. (This is the mandatory basic package you will subscribe to)
4. Fill out the form of the campaign details that you want to run, basic information like (Campaign URL, targeted location, devices, and your campaign objective).
5. Purchase the product (approval takes up to 24 hours)
6. Integrate your campaign with Google Analytics.
7. You get notified when the campaign starts receiving traffic.
8. Sit back and enjoy the fully automated campaign creation, optimization, and A/B testing!
9. Monitor the traffic on your Google Analytics account.

You can also purchase an additional budget using the "Aditional Spend" Add-On on this page. This will help you boost your traffic acquisition for that particular month.
Are there any prohibited website categories?
Yes, We have a list of prohibited categories that we cannot support due to restrictions from the traffic sources we use. If your website belongs to any of the below-prohibited categories please do not enable this product. (Adult content, alcohol, dangerous products or services, counterfeit goods, gambling and games, inappropriate content, political content, enabling dishonest behavior)
What do I actually pay for?
We charge you for the traffic (visitors) that we send to your website. Our algorithm automatically determines the amount you will be charged per visit, based on automatic bidding and other factors including your website category, targeted locations, etc..
What kind of websites can I promote?
We accept any website that isn’t in a prohibited category such as gambling, pornography, alcohol, firearms, Forex, dating, etc.
How many advertising channels do you use for driving traffic to my website?
The system is integrated with over 100 platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. Once you give it your URL, it will automatically analyze it and find out what is the best channel(s) to advertise your website, and will then automatically create campaigns on those channels to drive traffic to your website.
What languages are supported?
English Only
What countries are supported?
All countries