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Ad Builder - HTML5 Banners

Technology to rapidly build and deliver multi-format HTML5 ads at scale
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Watch our video to see how Localstars digital advertising platform helps to create high impact ads and grow display advertising revenues. 


We understand that different businesses will have different individual needs and requirements. The Localstars solution is tailored to ensure all business needs are met.


Create award-winning ads, tap into our automated creative selling, extend the reach on campaigns and enhance workflows.


Requires a minimum one month commitment for $399. Upon deactivation, you will still be charged for the remainder of the billing period.

Key Selling Points for Ad Builder - HTML5 Banners

  • Quick and easy to use tool for media owners, publishers and advertisers
  • Any changes that are made to the creative automatically updates the ad in real time, so you never need to halt a campaign for amendments or worry about long delays from creative updates to trafficking
  • Allows for rapid design and deployment of multi-format ads
  • Increase web page ad yields with multi-shape ad campaigns
  • Choose from various ad templates – including countless industry-specific templates
  • Design your ads once and let the platform take care of reformatting it into over 200 different shapes
  • Each ad template has been designed to drive engagement and encourage click-throughs
  • Specify multiple click destinations so you can direct customers to exactly where you want them to be
  • We provide you with one Smart Tag for any format (including Google AMP)

Frequently Asked Questions for Ad Builder - HTML5 Banners

What does my client and I need to do to get up and running and how long should the process take from order to campaign go-live?
An ad set can be built in minutes and used instantly
What happens after the sale?
You will be given access to the builder where you can then build ad sets.
What countries are supported?
Ad sets can be used around the world, coverage in some countries can be problematic such as China.
Are languages with special characters supported?
Yes you can build your ads in multiple languages, with or without special characters.
Can I upload my own templates?
Our range of templates have been designed to suit a variety of industries and messaging types however, if you have a specific request, we can work with you to build something bespoke for you.
My website needs some work, can my click through be a click to call or click to email instead?
Yes, we can support click to call and click to mail. Using our multi click functionality can ensure your prospects have multiple ways of getting in touch with you.
Is this an online solution?
Yes, this is a fully online solution. You can create ads from anywhere and all you need is an internet connection.
Does Localstars work with UTM URLs?
Yes, our tags work with UTM URLs. All you need to do is, when you go to Get Tags, enter the UTM URL in the click through URL field and then the customer can track the clicks
How do I access support if I need it?
You have free access to support whilst using our product. We have a great help centre which can take you step by step through all aspects of the platform. If you need more support, we have an online helpdesk where you can email any questions and one of our knowledgeable support team members will get back to you.
What are the default Ad sizes?
Fullbanner (468x60), Leaderboard (728x90), MPU (300z250), Skyscraper (120x600), Wide Skyscraper (160x600). Please note on request we can add Filmstrip (300x600), Billboard (970x250), Mobile (320x50), Full screen mobile (320x480).